It aims to reduce mother-to-child transmission to 2% In
mothers who are living with HIV or AIDS when they receive the
adequate accompaniment and follow-up to the treatment
during gestation, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding.

We want to empower mothers, their partners and their
family environment, so that as multipliers and spokespersons
replicate this information among their peers, who by
disinformation and fears originated by the
ignorance and the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS,
may be at risk of transmitting the virus to their daughters or sons.

Sensitize health care workers to provide
the appropriate and professional care required by a mother
pregnant woman living with HIV.


Red Escala la Vida

"Red Scales Life"

It is a digital pedagogical initiative for the participation of children and adolescents affected or infected by HIV or AIDS, for their strengthening and the enforceability of their rights.

Digital strategy created by young people for young people, that through learning, participation and leadership, are strengthened as multiplying leaders; They promote solutions and generate changes in their communities so that their rights are not violated.

This portal became a reality thanks to the support and sponsorship of Forum Syd y Adoptionscentrum, Swedish organizations.

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