Health and Nutrition

We ensure the inclusion of minors in the Mandatory Health Plan - MHP/(POS) offered by the Colombian State, which guarantees them monthly consultation and control with the pediatric infectious doctor, the delivery of antiretroviral drugs, specialized laboratory tests (the viral load that measures the number of copies of the virus in the body and CD4/CD8 to evaluate the immune system in each beneficiary) and consultations with specialists in different areas such as: otorhinolaryngology, physiatry, neurology, phonoaudiology, physical and language therapies, among others.

We guarantee continuity in the treatments ordered by each of the specialists.

We guarantee to our beneficiaries a balanced nutrition according to the standards established by the ICBF and we count on minutes and food guides elaborated by a Nutritionist that favor the correct adherence of the antiretroviral medicines in her organism; we carry out a nutritional follow-up through the attention in health that the minors receive in the Obligatory Plan in Health - MHP/(POS) and where their height and weight are evaluated continuously, according to their age.

Psychological Care

We offer accompaniment, advice and permanent and personalized follow-up, favoring in each minor their capacities and instilling in them values, principles, solidarity and commitment to themselves, their family and society.

We promote gender identity, self-determination, self-care and respect for others in children and adolescents, facilitating their integral development.


We guarantee admission to conventional educational centres, we cover the cost of tuition, uniforms, school supplies and pedagogical outings.

We also provide accompaniment and follow-up in the performance of the minor in the educational center and in the accomplishment of the school tasks.

Social Work

In Planeta Amor we provide accompaniment to the child's family nucleus from the moment he or she joins our program; we advise on rights and provide support to reduce the stigma and discrimination generated by HIV infection and to which they are subjected by the community.

We support and accompany the legal processes required to obtain the right to health and education (Rights of Petition and Guardianship).

We permanently follow up the families and empower them from the beginning, in order to favor the return, in the future, of the children and adolescents to their family nucleus, once the children and their families are physically and emotionally strengthened.

Non-formal education and recreation

We carry out with the minors and supported by the consolidated group of volunteers, recreational activities, according to the guidelines drawn from the area of psychology, such as: training for their future life, workshops on the Rights of the Child, management of responsible sexuality, respect for nature and art activities such as painting, dance, singing and cultural outings.

Transit Home

We have our own physical plant, to house children and / or teenagers as a transit home.

It is fully equipped and has outdoor recreation areas and decks, computer room, study area and meeting or conference room that allows us to provide comprehensive care of the Mission that governs our Organization.