The CEPSA - Compañía Española de Petróleos S.A. Foundation awarded us the 2020 Social Value award, an initiative that supports 20 families with the project "Food and Nutrition Security for Expectant Mothers Living with HIV and their Children Infected with HIV or Affected by their Mother’s Virus."

Through this project, families are being trained in various areas related to proper nutrition:
- What is an urban organic farm, how to sow, produce organic compost, implement it in each of the participating families' homes and promote in them the use of recycling as a fundamental factor to generate care for the environment, as well as love for nature and the environment.
- The participants also receive training on how to establish a healthy nutrition plan at low cost.
- Finally, food yielded monthly to the 20 families during the entirety of 2021. With the production obtained from each planting and the markets delivered, they are train in how to properly refrigerate and store food and know the ideal cooking points.


Participation in the competition "Good Practices and Successful Experiences of Overseering and Community Participation in HIV/AIDS or TB-HIV in COLOMBIA”
Planeta Amor got the Second Place.

Within the framework of one of the strategies of the project developed by the Financial Fund for Development Projects - FONADE in agreement with the Global Fund for HIV prevention and treatment in Colombia, the contest "Good Practices and Successful Experiences of Overseering and Community Participation in Colombia" was held. The invitation was addressed to community organizations that demonstrated exceptional and exemplary work in the fight against HIV and TB; the categories and criteria for qualification of the applications were: Creativity, Innovation, Articulation with diverse key actors, Sustainability and Impact of the experience developed.

Planeta Amor participated in this contest with the project "Red Escala la Vida", a digital pedagogical initiative for the participation of children, adolescents and young people affected or infected by HIV in Colombia; as multiplier and strengthened leaders, they advocate for their rights, reduce the stigma and discrimination they face because they live with or cope with the virus. Project developed with the support of Adoptionscentrum Swedish civil society organization and Forum Syd - Swedish government. Red Escala la Vida was developed during the years 2014 - 2016, in different regions of the country with the participation of 193 adolescents and young people from 16 NGOs, directly impacting 84 girls, 70 boys, 21 women and 18 men and indirectly 690 girls, 417 boys, 675 women and 663 men.

Thirty-one Proposals were evaluated by the members of the evaluation committee (a representative of the Financial Fund for Development Projects - FONADE, a delegate of the Country Coordinating Mechanism - MCP Colombia, a representative of the Panamerican Health Organization - PAHO/WHO Colombia, a representative of Partners in Health of Peru and a representative of the Social Footprint section - El Tiempo Newspaper) and five were awarded: Innova Brands of Medellín, Colectivo Juventud Diversa of Cartagena, Grupo de Apoyo a la Mujer y al Infante of Santiago de Cali, Fundación Semilla que Crece of Medellín and Planeta Amor Foundation of Bogotá were awarded second place.

Planeta Amor is proud of this recognition, a situation that motivates us even more to continue working for the promotion and prevention of HIV in Colombia.


After 15 years of work, Planeta Amor proposed a new challenge: to organize in partnership with the Colombian Association of Infectious Diseases - ACIN, the first symposium on HIV with emphasis on pediatrics, academic meeting in order to share experiences in the management of perinatal and pediatric HIV, exchange knowledge and inform new scientific advances.

Thus, since 2010, we proposed to hold this meeting every two years with the participation of international professionals and national experts in the field. These meetings have enriched and strengthened the interdisciplinary team of national entities working with children and HIV.


Part of the Foundation's Mission is the social responsibility that we assume with the community, the business sector and the educational centers of Bogotá and its surroundings, to inform through conversations about what is HIV, AIDS and its prevention.

These conversations show us the importance of sensitizing the community in general, seeking to reduce new cases of infection and the stigma generated by misinformation.


Planeta Amor has been characterized by designing creative events that seek to raise awareness and engage sponsors and attendees with our founding mission and the generation of resources for the development of programs and the sustainability of the Foundation.

Throughout these years we have carried out diverse social activities, among which we can highlight: concerts, dinners and gala dances, auctions of different kinds, fashion shows, golf tournaments, commemorative parties and bazaars, among others.



Dear Friends
Planeta Amor Foundation invited to a rumba night at Gaira Café. This was an event that the people contribute to improving the living conditions of children living with HIV.


Great prizes and special raffles with the support of fashion designers: Carlos Nieto, Julia de Rodríguez, Pepa Pombo, Laura de Dios, and jewelry designers Lotty Bentham and Beatriz Marini, among others.


Hola Magazine dresses up for children with HIV: “What we want is to infect people with the spirit of solidarity, so we do our gala to support the children of the Planeta Amor Foundation,” says the director of the Hola Colombia Magazine.

On December 2, 2013, the charity gala was held at the Metropolitan Club of Bogotá to help children with HIV of the Planeta Amor Foundation.


One of the strengths of Planeta Amor has been to sensitize the community through art; This is how throughout our history we have held different events: auction of antiques, furniture and objects, works of art by prestigious national and international artists, who have always supported us unconditionally.

To celebrate 18 years of existence, Planeta Amor organized the third version of the auction “Art of Giving”, which brought together more than 400 people in the El Nogal Club among artists and special guests.
“El placer de d-ARTE”, Aló magazine titled the article on the innovative auction organized by Planeta Amor In 2006 at the Alonso Garcés Gallery we auctioned the multiples prepared by Beatriz González, Jaime Ávila, Franklin Aguirre and Miguel Ángel Rojas.


We have held eight golf tournaments since 2006 in order to raise funds to improve the living conditions of children and adolescents with HIV served by the Foundation.

Lovers of this sport mobilized to support our cause, participating in the events held in the clubs: Payandé, Los Lagartos, Serrezuela, El Rincón and La Sabana.


On different occasions, the Foundation has carried out gala activities for the sustainability of its Attention Model.

We have always contacted the support of national personalities and cultural life.